What is Fastpool?

Fastpool is a web based service for planning staff towards business needs, reaching staff for solving vacancies and getting external staff when needed.

Staff can be allocated across business units and depending on skills. Fastpool automatically manages necessary time regulations.


Base Plan staff!


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With Fastpool BASE the ordinary work force is scheduled towards your actual business needs. Staff testify working hours using built in Ā«time stampingĀ»:

  • The company's forecast is converted into a theoretical staffing need
  • Auto-scheduling based on staff's contracts and availability
  • Staff reports deviations or uses built in "time stamping"
  • Time reports are exported into your salary program
Peak Get staff!


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With Fastpool PEAK you can reach staff from our global pool of workers, where staff is mapped to your industry and according to relevant competences:

  • View employees available for you and their ratings
  • State when and with what you need help through web or mobile
  • Fastpool books the most appropriate person
  • A confirmation is sent to your email or mobile
Flex Reach staff!


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With Fastpool FLEX the flexible work force books available work with matching competence. Fastpool prioritizes staff according to regulations:

  • The manager states the need through web or mobile
  • The staff signs up according to their competence and location
  • Fastpool prioritizes the staff on defined parameters and regulations
  • A confirmation is sent to the manager when the vacancy is solved

All products can be used separately or combined.


Optimize your staffing towards your customers!

In retail, the objective is to convert as many of the visitors as possible into paying customers. Therefore it is important to schedule staff based on their competence towards the amount of visitors. Fastpool BASE automatically creates an optimized schedule towards the forecasted amount of visitors considering staff's wishes about when to work. As the customer flow can't be predicted fully, we recommend to keep the base schedule at a minimum bringing in your flexible staff when needed with Fastpool FLEX and PEAK when the own flexible staff is not available.



Statoil uses Fastpool FLEX to share flexible staff across their stations. This saves time solving vacancies and keeps staff longer decreasing cost for recruitment and training

ICA Supermarket

With Fastpool PEAK it's quick and easy to state my need, which is confirmed to my mobile, so I don't need to spend any time in the phone. And I always get great staff that I recognize.
Patrik Andersson, Store Manager

Team Sportia

Team Sportia uses Fastpool BASE to make sure the stores optimize their schedule towards amount of visitors, converting as many of them as possible to customers while minimizing total cost.
-Roger Holmgren, COO

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