Plan, reach and get staff!

Fastpool is a web based service for planning staff towards business needs, reaching staff for solving vacancies and getting external staff when needed.

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Since Fastpools inception in 2004, we have strived to develop a solution for managers, personnel planners and your employees!

Fastpool is an online and mobile app service for anybody responsible for managing and planning your staffs schedules.

Going digital will not only simplify your daily work load but also lead to significant cost savings. Imagine accessing your staffs schedules, or imagine having easy access to daily time reports with a click of a button. Managing your staff has never been easier. And think about this… no more stressing over preparing your time reports before sending them to payroll. Export it from Fastpool and simply send it to payroll knowing they are correct.


  • Online access to detailed time reports
  • Online access to detailed cost reports
  • Optimize your scheduling 


  • Simplify you work when scheduling your staff
  • Reach your the staff with 1 click
  • Digitally optimize your schedules to be in line with actual needs


  • Direct in app access to you work schedule
  • Apply for new available work shifts using our apps
  • Report your worked time in our mobile app

Fastpool Business

  • Smooth & easy scheduling of all your employees
  • Time reporting
  • Punch in / out feature using the Fastpool App
  • Absence and attendance reporting using the Fastpool apps 
  • Mobile apps for all your employees
  • Fastpool keeps track of all over time like clockwork!
  • Fastpool keeps track so nobody works too much and breaking employment regulations
  • Export your time reports from Fastpool to your salary system
  • Smooth & easy communication using sms or even better! Use the Fastpool apps!
  • Reports showing you your costs relate to your employees
  • Helps you optimize your scheduling needs!
  • Customizable to fit union agreements
  • Keeps track of your employees contract types so no rules are broken
  • Easy swap of shifts
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Fastpool Temps

  • Easy scheduling of any temp staff on your payroll
  • Allows your temp employees to tell you through the app their availability
  • Mobile apps for both Android & iOS
  • Smooth & easy communication using sms or even better! Use the Fastpool apps!
  • Assign manually or automatically based on your rules
  • Keeps track of different employment contracts
  • Smooth & easy swapping of shifts
  • Priority setting to simplify staffing
  • Shift attributes and skill requirements
  • Fastpool recommends the right people for the job at hand!
  • Time reporting
  • Punch in/out app
  • Absence and attendance reporting
  • Export of employees time reports
  • Reports presenting costs related to employees
  • Helps you optimize your scheduling needs!
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Fastpool benefits

Time & Cost savings

Get fast access to your companies daily and weekly work schedule in just a few clicks! To schedule your employees has never been easier. Clear overview over who is working when and where or who is home sick and needs temps to fill in.

Simplified time reporting

Use our in app (Android & iOS) time reporting feature OR punch-in app.
This will greatly help you get exact work hours for your employees. In addition your end of month time reports are exportable!

Simplified time reporting

Communicate shifts freely

Do you have a shift in need of filling? Create a new shift in Fastpool and send it to your staff that fit the shift criteria. Let your staff schedule themselves using our apps.

Communicate shifts freely

Accurate and complete time reports

Using our digital scheduling & time management service your end-of-month time reports are easily exported and only a click away!

Accurate and complete time reports

Fastpool for Retail

In retail, the objective is to convert as many of the visitors as possible into paying
Therefore it is important to schedule staff based on their competence towards the amount of
visitors you may get to your store.


Fastpool for Logistic

Make sure your goods are on the way to your customers! In Logistics you have to make sure that you have the staff needed to make sure your customers get their deliveries at the right time! With Fastpool you can easily plan and schedule the needed staff in a very easy and flexible way.

Fastpool for Healthcare

In healthcare scheduling your staff can be a nightmare. Patients need care 24 hours a day meaning shifts are long and scheduling is complex. What do you do when you need extra staff? Fastpool can greatly make scheduling and planning simple.

Fastpool for Restaurants

App with everything needed

Employee management

Mobile applications

Employee information

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Latest news

Fastpool is launching a www page.

We are proud to announce our new face on the world wide web. No major changes and updates have been made this time so no need to worry. to login just click on the login button and follow the instructions

We have updated our apps!

Our Android app has gone through a minor “facelift” as well as time reporting has been improved. For all you who are using our Base version you can start using some of our new time reporting features.

Fastpool launches the punch-in app!

We listened to our customers and are now introducing our own punch-in app for spot on time reporting.

PS. Fastpool keeps track of your employees over time and rules related to it.